Common Types Of Sushi

Common Types of Sushi

Some people immediately think of rice rolls with raw fish when the ‘sushi’ is mentioned. However, contrary to the common belief that all sushi are just made of raw fish and white rice simply wrapped seaweed sheets, there are actually several types of sushi.

First and foremost, raw fish isn’t the only meat that can be used in making sushi. Although salmon and tuna are popular choices in making sushi, fish are not the only seafood that is used in making sushi. Octopus, shrimps, puffer fish, scallops, whale meats, and even sea urchins may be used in sushi. Also, seafood found in sushi doesn’t always have to be uncooked. Some ingredients, such as octopus, have to be cooked (or boiled) before serving.

If you’re a vegetarian and you’re worried about eating fish meat, there are also some types of vegetarian sushi for you. Vegetarian sushi, as the term ‘vegetarian’ implies, uses cooked or raw vegetables instead of fish. Some of the most common ingredients of vegetarian sushi are avocados, cream cheese, tofu, cucumber, zucchini, carrots, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, and eggplants.

For non-vegans, there are also many types of sushi to choose from. Here are some of the most common types of sushi:

The most popular type of sushi is Maki sushi or sushi rolls. Maki sushi are often wrapped in Nori or dried seaweed sheets, but can also be wrapped in soy paper. It may contain different types of seafood or vegetables, as well as rice and then sliced into small, bite-sized pieces. There are three kinds of wrapped Maki sushi rolls: Futomaki (thick or large sushi rolls), Chumaki (medium-sized sushi rolls), and Hosomaki (thin or small sushi rolls). There’s also an inside-out type of sushi roll known as Uramaki. Uramaki has all the ingredients of the sushi, including Nori, wrapped inside the rice instead. Finally, there’s Temaki; Temaki is also known as hand roll, wherein the Nori is shaped as a cone. The ingredients of sushi fill this Nori cone.

Another common type of sushi is the Nigiri sushi. Nigiri sushi is a hand pressed sushi usually topped with wasabi and then salmon, tuna, shrimp, or other types of meat.

Chirashi sushi or scattered sushi is also a common type of sushi. Instead of being served or rolled in small servings, Chirashi sushi is served in a bowl. Sushi rice is served together with nine or ten different toppings. Ingredients may consist of different type of meats (fish) or vegetables.

Inari sushi is the type of sushi where a fried tofu pouch is filled with sushi rice sometimes mixed with vegetables. The tofu skin has a sweet taste.

Oshi sushi or Hako sushi are sushi molded or pressed using a wooden mold called ‘oshibako’. The oshibako is first filled with toppings, and then sushi rice. After this, the lid is pressed firmly to mold the sushi. The sushi then becomes box-shaped and sliced before being served.

These are just some of the most common kinds or types of sushi. However, it’s typical for humans to find and experiment on something new; who knows, there may be some new types of sushi to be discovered in the years to come.

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