Is Sushi Recommendable for Bodybuilding

Sushi is gaining more fans across the globe not only for its distinct, unique taste, but also for the nutritional benefits it can give.

This popular food from Japan is one of the leading food choices for individuals who want to maintain a healthy, low fat diet. Sushi can particularly help you achieve a fitter body and get rid of the fats, especially if you stick to eating sashimi (so that it’s pure fish and no rice), vegetable sushi, or when you specifically choose tuna, mackerel, or salmon when you order at your favourite sushi restaurant.

While sushi is excellent for a low fat diet, can it also be advantageous if you’re aiming for body building? The simple answer is yes. However, there are various types of sushi so you should be aware of what you need to eat in order to bulk up and build your muscles.

Sushi has ingredients that can help you develop your muscles faster. As we all know, fish – whether raw, undercooked, steamed, or well cooked – is one of the main components of sushi, and one of the reasons for sushi’s popularity. Fish found in sushi are a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids which can be quite helpful in facilitating muscle growth.

To be more specific, it is the oil from the fish that contains the Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids were originally known for the amazing benefits it provides the heart. However, more recent studies discovered that Omega 3 aids in muscle recovery, reduces muscle soreness, and helps in losing unwanted fats.

  • Aids in muscle recovery – Omega 3 fatty acids can lower the inflammation muscles acquire after intense workout. If muscle inflammation takes too long to subside, it can affect repairing of muscle tissues, and it can also hinder you from getting back to working out.
  • Reduces muscle soreness – Omega 3 also improves blood circulation to the muscles while working out and can decrease muscle soreness by as much as 35 per cent.
  • Helps in losing unwanted fats – Research also revealed that having a higher level of Omega 3 fatty acids can enhance sensitivity that would help in burning body fats.

Fish used in making sushi, such as salmon or tuna, are superior sources of proteins that are critical in muscle development, too.

Apart from the fish, sushi also contains rice. Most sushi uses sticky rice, but you have an option to request for brown rice to be used in your sushi instead. Brown rice can help increase your levels of growth hormone or GH, and higher GH levels are vital to lean muscle growth boost.

When it comes to sauces or condiments that come with your favourite sushi, you may want to reduce consumption of the mayo because it contains high levels of fats – and you don’t want fats when you’re trying to build muscles. Soy sauce has a high salt content so it is advisable to request for a soy sauce with reduced sodium content. Wasabi, on the other hand, contains anti-inflammatory components that are great for the joints and muscles; so it can help you recover faster after workouts.

Sushi is an incredible food whether you’re aiming to lose weight or aspiring to gain muscles. Include sushi in your diet and combine it with a disciplined, regular workout and you’ll get the muscles you want in no time.